Stefan also develops images and embedded videos to feature on the organization's international website, working with development staff to create novel and content-appropriate features
Concept diagrams and wireframes of a Habitat for Humanity mobile application (student project)
Stefan considers touch-points across the media, designing consistent and complementary images for social media and other online platforms developed to engage, inspire and inform
Social media optimized images
Interactive tiling webpage designed for occasion of 30th anniversary of working with President and Mrs. Carter
As Art Director of Great Lakes, Stefan worked with design staff to extend a consistent look and feel across various print and online media for The Degree Project, an initiative to improve college readiness among students from disadvantaged backgrounds (Design by Katie Wing)
Stefan led an initiative to plan the refreshing of the Great Lakes brand, seen here after the completion of the project with its application to the primary website. Final design by Great Lakes Higher Education team.
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