Habitat for Humanity global logo redesign

In 2004, Habitat for Humanity's executives approached the in-house design department I managed, asking us to create a refreshed global logo and identity system for our more than 3,000 locations in nearly 70 countries. Art directing the project and coordinating the efforts of five design teams, we developed a comprehensive, location-specific redesigned logo along with a robust identity system, refreshed set of collateral and online logo repository. This logo is now in use worldwide, and has served to educate our organization in the importance of branding and the role of a consistent identity for nonprofit organizations.

Our final refreshed logo design, bringing in the elements of housing, partnership and a subtle reference to the Christian roots of the organization
Our task was to unify nearly 3,000 local affiliate identities into one consistent brand
Our research examined public perception, queried local affiliates, dellved into color theory and cultural considerations
The resulting system allowed for signature lines, thus differentiating local affiliates while maintaining a global brand
Our brand manual was designed to be easily used and understood by designer and lay person alike
We developed guidelines for special events and translations, ensuring consistency in all
Applications were many and varied
President and Mrs Carter arriving in Haiti on a Delta-painted jet
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